No cheap pans only high quality!

Very good coating

The refreshed coating is the real heart of our pans, which is why we apply a high-quality coating. The quality of the coating is usually only found in the high price and gastro segment, so our coating is often even better than new. It consists of three layers. Firstly, from a primer, which provides a stable hold. Second, from a hardening middle layer. And thirdly, from a non-stick coating of PTFE, commonly known as Teflon. PTFE is characterized by the fact that it prevents the frying material from sticking. Read more

Handpicked quality

All pans offered by RePan are of high quality. Cheap discount pans made of inferior materials even we do not revive and, accordingly, are not available from us.

When selling our pans, we pay attention to the following quality criteria: Materials, pan core, weight and design.

When you buy a RePan, you get standardized quality.

The pan market is diverse and can be confusing. But really, all you want is a working pan that won’t hurt anyone. We would like to achieve this simplicity. For you we organize container old pans and check the basic material. We classify the pans into three categories: Cheap, Standard and Premium.

Here we don’t even try – it’s not worth it. Too light, made of cold-pressed aluminum, these cheap pans do not have a satisfactory base material. They distribute heat insufficiently, form hotspots and deform in the dishwasher due to the alkaline environment. You want to cook with conscience and avoid cheap Asian pans? Then switch to a RePan.

Standard quality means for us: First, there is a pan core, which is made of copper, steel or aluminum. This conducts heat evenly and provides the induction function. Second, robust cast aluminum or stainless steel as the base material. Third, exterior paint, loose handles and crooked bases are subjected to our service package. The following brands typically fall into the standard quality category:

  • Migros Titanium and Gastro models
  • Tefal (the normal qualities)
  • Zyliss

In the production of a premium pan better materials are used. They provide more consistency and better heat distribution. The design is often more elegant and holistic. The following brands typically fall under the premium quality category:

  • WMF
  • Kuhn Rikon (the noble models)
  • Thomas Rosenthal
  • KitchenAid
  • Sigg
  • Noser Inox
  • Ikea (partly the basic material is amazingly good)
  • Silit
  • Le creuset
  • Fissler
  • Migros Deluxe models
  • Tefal (the noble models)

Don’t choose the cheapest and newest – choose joy that lasts.

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