Aus welchem Material besteht die neue Beschichtung?

The new coating is a special non-stick coating made out of three layers:
1. primer for good durability
2. hardened middle layer
3. non-stick coating with PTFE material (also known as “Teflon”).

Ist PTFE giftig?

Short answer: No
Pans coated with PTFE have been used daily all over the world since 1955.
These coatings are described in some sources as harmful to health or even carcinogenic. However, such effects are only associated with overheating above 300°C. At that point, the fluorine molecules decompose and transform into toxic gases. In standard use below this temperature, many studies show no harmful effects on the body, even with abrasion and direct ingestion of whole PTFE particles.

Was kostet die Beschichtung?

The price is determined by the dimensions (diameter and height), the brand, the type of pan and the type of service (buy a new coated pan or re-coat your pan). Roughly speaking, a new coating costs between CHF 40 and 80. Especially for more expensive pans a new coating more than pays off.

Welche Pfannen können erneut beschichtet werden?

All pans – regardless of manufacturer or make – can be recoated by us (with the exception of copper and cast iron pans which do not even need a coating). However, for a pan to be coated with RePan, it should be in good shape (apart from the coating obviously). Flammable handles or parts must be removable.

Behalten Induktionspfannen nach der Beschichtung ihre Induktionsfunktion?

Yes! The induction capability is determined by the metals contained in the base of the pan. Small tip: Hold a magnet to the bottom of the pan: if it sticks well then the pan is induction-compatible!

Worauf muss ich bei der Verwendung der neu beschichteten Pfanne achten?

You can use the pan as usual. However, to ensure the longest possible product life cycle, we have the following tips for you:

  • Do not overheat the pan: The oil in the pan indicates if the pan is hot enough.
  • Use wooden or plastic cooking utensils
  • Do not place on metal objects when washing up and drying
  • Aluminium pans in particular do not belong in the dishwasher
  • Use stacking protection

Gibt es Garantie auf die Beschichtung?

We offer a one-year guarantee on the recoating, although wear and tear is very dependent on use. If there are any defects in the production please contact us.


The pans always last longer if you wash them by hand – no matter what other manufacturers say. The alkaline environment in the dishwasher can deform the pans, and other objects in the dishwasher can create additional scratches. Especially cheap, deep-drawn aluminium pans should not be put in the dishwasher.

Was mache ich mit meiner alten Pfanne, wenn ich eine neue bei euch erwerbe?

In principle, old pans can be disposed of in the scrap metal collection at recycling centres. In this way, it also ends up indirectly back with us for a new coating. Another option is to send us your old pan and save yourself a trip to the disposal center. To do this, you can select the respective shipping option with return shipping during the order process. We will then send you a prepaid label together with the new pan which you can use to send us the old pan in the same box.

Weitere Fragen?

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