Pans recoated,
instead of reproduced

The world no longer needs new pans

We sell hand-picked, refurbished models of pans.
Zusätzlich suchen wir finanzielle Unterstützung für unser Wachstum.


Extra long-lasting 3-layer coating in gastronomy quality.
Our pans are all high quality material!


Over 80% fewer resources used. No destructive mining and chemical-intensive production. Made to last


New coating with a mouse click and mail. We keep it simple. And are cheaper.


Swiss company
Swiss pans
Swiss & German Coaters and Regulators.

Meaningful gifting

Already newly coated pans
CHF 69 incl. postage

  • Excellent 3-layer non-stick coating
  • Robust pan core
  • Fixed Handle & Restored Exterior
  • Brand quality like WMF, Kuhn Rikon or Sigg
Currently not possible

Civil service calls! 😉
But let us notify you as soon as this works again:

Contribution margin sought

For staff until break even

  • With secured & trained stuff
  • 600 recoatings per month
  • in 12-18 months

RePan develops

500 pans restored and sold, stock build up and already covering costs.

But we want more.
Market research with Innosuisse and the FHNW, circular packaging design with the University of Leipzig and optimizations with partner companies are now underway.

5-20 times more ecological when compared to a new, original pan.

Derivation (without utilization phase) of Tefal LCA (2011), “Health & Environment commitments”, Link, (Accessed December 3, 2020)

Wie neu, nur ohne schlechtes Gewissen

Rated 5 out of 5
22. October 2022

Die erhaltene Pfanne ist einwandfrei. Aussen sieht sie gebraucht aus, aber die neue Beschichtung ist wirklich super – kaum Öl nötig, auch nach ca 2 Monate (praktisch täglich im Gebrauch).



Rated 5 out of 5
2. August 2022

Danke für die Pfannenlieferung. Euer Produkt und der Service ist top! Preiswert, aber es lohnt sich alle mal.

Andrea Gir

Top Beschichtung

Rated 5 out of 5
25. July 2022

Sowohl die erhaltene Pfanne (Premium) als auch deren Beschichtung sind top und bereiten mir jeden Tag Freude. Gerne wieder!


Move mountains, devastate lands and export money abroad just because 20 microns of cheap coating is worn away? – It doesn’t have to be that way.

We sort out discarded high-qualitay frying pans, assess and clean them, and re-coat them three times. This saves money and above all protects the environment.

With our young company, we have set ourselves the goal of recoating used frying pans so that they no longer end up in the trash. For the realization and implementation of our new business idea and company foundation, we need you!

It does not have to be this way

Dominic S. Müller

Energy and environmental engineer

As a passionate Rösti cook and now young entrepreneur, it takes good pans. Dominic learned to look at resources in large systems as well as the pan in everyone’s kitchen. With RePan, what was learned is now being put into action: “The principle of the circular economy can be applied to so many things, for the quality of the product, in life and for the environment.”


Executive Director Operational Excellence
Matthias Keller; Novartis

Circular Brand & Product Development
Daniel Rohrer; Cirkel

Retired: PM Seminar Leader & Military Engineer
Gerd Winter & Co


Zina, Actuary & Administration
Daniel Z, Intern
Alp, Web developer
David, Videoproduction
Daniel L, Auditor & Accounting

Thank you to our current support partners!

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Move mountains, devastate lands and export money abroad just because 20 microns of cheap coating is…

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