Outstanding coating

RePan non-stick coating – what does it mean? RePan’s coating process, especially of this quality, tends to be found only in the high-price segment or in gastro products, built up in three layers:

  1. Primer for good grip
  2. Hardened middle layer
  3. Non-stick coating with the material PTFE, also known under the brand name “Teflon”. But wait – isn’t that toxic? Short answer: No

The Material PTFE

Pans coated with PTFE are used every day all over the world.
Mistakenly, some sources refer to these coatings as harmful to health or even carcinogenic. Such effects are possible only at overheating of more than 300°C, which is why pans should not be heated empty on the stove. Above 300°C, the fluorocarbon molecules decompose and transform into toxic gases. In standard use below this temperature, many studies show no harmful effects on the body; neither in the case of abrasion nor in the case of direct ingestion of whole PTFE coating parts. In addition, the coating is environmentally sustainable (PFOA-, APEO-, GenX- and BPA-free).

PTFE is actually an incredible material. It was invented in 1938 and was used in space travel due to its interesting properties. For a plastic, it is particularly resistant to heat, but also to bending, acids and generally very inert. And it is food safe and makes that our food does not stick. Unfortunately, historically our nature has not been treated very responsibly and production waste has been discharged unhindered into the environment. Hence the misconception that PFTE itself is toxic. The toxicity comes from the excipients, which are now being replaced altogether or increasingly disposed of properly. This is guaranteed at RePan with production in Switzerland or Germany.


In fact, in recent years, alternatives have appeared such as ceramic, carbon or titanium coatings. We look forward to offering such coatings in the future. But First Things First: Recoating instead of scrapping.

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