Our mission

Move mountains, devastate lands and export money abroad just because 20 microns of cheap coating is worn away?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

With the ever-increasing threat of a messed-up climate and all the other ecological dramas, there is a growing awareness that we need to consume differently. At RePan, we want to promote this awareness and, in doing so, offer very specifically one, of the many necessary solutions. We provide an ecological alternative for an everyday product – frying pans – and at the same time hope that many more ecological alternatives will abolish the throwaway society.

To selectively change the status quo of an unsustainable society, RePan sells only upgraded, or as you might say, new old pans. This process of upgrading is also called upcycling and is all the more obvious when you consider that frying pans are usually replaced because of just a few microns of damaged coating.

In addition, our market is littered with cheap pans, some starting at CHF 7. Who pays the rest? The manufacturing hands, defenseless nature and finally you, as these pans are quickly unusable. Whereas our pans:

  1. Have an exeptionally robust non-stick coating.
  2. Are approved by us, piece by piece.
  3. Are restored to repair crooked bottoms, loose handles and old paint.
  4. and are 5-20 times more sustainable than newly purchased or recycled pans!
    Not 20% better – 2000% better!
Why cheap from Asia when our disposal yards are full of proven quality?

Another positive side effect in favor of upgrading the pans is that RePan’s pans are upgraded in Switzerland or Germany. This eliminates long transport routes, supports local value creation and complies with stricter European labor, production and environmental standards. Thus, not only you have something from it, but also society and nature.

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