Our frying pans find their way to you in two ways:

Firstly, together with the city of Zurich, we sort out intact and high-quality pans that have been disposed of at the recycling station. These are then cleaned, the handle re-riveted if necessary, the floor leveled, freshly painted on the outside and – very important! – recoated. Once this process is complete, the pans are ready for use again and the cooks are equipped to move on to new deeds.

On the other hand, we receive the pans from our customers and subject them to the process just described, so that they do not have to be disposed of unnecessarily. The main difference between this and buying a new (recycled!) pan is that as a customer:you will have to do without your pan for several weeks and pay a bit more for your RePan pan due to the additional postage costs incurred.

The differences between the two ways to get a pan from RePan are briefly shown below:

One panYour pan
You’ll get to your pan much faster.Currently, you go without your pan for between 4 and 8 weeks.
There are fewer postage costs. There are fewer postage costs.Additional effort and postage costs due to packing and shipping the pan.
You are pleased with the new robe of your pan. The relationship with your pan will not end, but will enter a new phase. Upcycling is fun!

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